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I am an Assistant Professor and Director of the Doctoral Program in the Department of  Information and Library Science (ILS) in the School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering, at Indiana University Bloomington. I am affiliated faculty with the Integrated Program in the Environment at IU Bloomington, and with California Rare Book School at UCLA.
My research broadly examines how communities organize, classify, and share information and how the knowledge organizing (KO) infrastructures that support this exchange are affected by underlying values about knowledge. I have a tendency to emphasize museum and scientific communities. Lately, I’ve been involved in biodiversity, archaeological, urban green infrastructure,  environmental resilience, and Anthropocene studies.
I am currently completing a book, tentatively titled, Classing Life: Biodiversity and Knowledge Organization in the Life Sciences, which is under contract with the The MIT Press’ History and Foundations of Information Science Series. The monogram explores what ILS can learn about classifications and taxonomies from studying the history, construction, and articulation of biodiversity knowledge organization systems.
I bring together several domains of scholarly activity in my work including, classification theory, philosophy of information, documentation studies, biodiversity studies, museum studies, Science, Technology & Society studies (STS), and data studies. Other fields of scholarly interest include, history of the book and print culture, library studies/management, special collections & archives, and scholarly & electronic publishing.
I am also actively involved in international ILS matters through the Fulbright Program. I am currently working with the U.S. Embassy in Kosovo and the National Library of Kosovo to create a national ILS curriculum for information and library science. I’ll also be working to better the working conditions of library and information workers currently in professional roles.
I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Information Studies at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). I graduated with a B.A. in American Literature and Culture, with a minor in Anthropology, from UCLA. I also received my M.F.A In Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry from Antioch University, Los Angeles, and a M.L.I.S. with a specialization in Rare Books, Print and Visual Culture from UCLA.